Equestrian Gallery Wall Guide

Equestrian Gallery Wall Guide

So you want to make the perfect horse-themed, equestrian interior masterpiece and I’m here to help. Putting a perfectly curated set of imagery together can be daunting but let’s break it down.  

Pick Out a Prime Location

You may have this already picked out but may we suggest a few prime locations you may not have thought of: 

  • Dining Room
  • Eating Nook
  • Stairwell
  • Entryway
  • Above/Behind the desk
  • Above the bed or bedside table

Find Some Equestrian Art and Images 

Luckily, we have you covered here. Below is a list of incredible equestrian artists and photographers who sell their work. You’ll also find other resources and tips to sourcing some great horse-themed art.  Don’t forget to include your own photos! Including a picture of two of your own four hooved friend is essential to making the space your own.  We've put together some free downloadable equestrian art pieces for those signed up for our email list. We'll be using these images to put together the perfect horse-themed gallery wall. Sign up below and follow along with us!

Find Some Frames

  • Wayfair - Huge selection here. Definitely try to have an idea of what you are looking for or you will get lost in a hurry. 
  • Etsy - Has some great vintage options. Lots of shops sell sets of vintage frames that you can get a good deal on.  
  • Framebridge - Custom framing options all online. If you want to cheat a bit, you can buy gallery wall frames sets from Framebridge and then pick your art... I won’t tell.  
  • Keepsake - Another online custom frame shop that is slightly cheaper. 

Uniform vs. Various Size Layout

There are a lot of different approaches but let’s break it down. Think about the space you’re designing for and how this gallery wall will interact with the decor you already have.  

 Uniform Gallery wall  

This type of wall is great for covering large areas and if you are going for a more clean, modern look in your space. A uniform approach is also a great way to streamline building your gallery wall.  

 Keep in mind that your art and photos will have to be the same size unless you get custom mats inside each frame so digital art options work well.  

 Added bonus! You can often get sets of frames for cheaper than you would selecting individuals (and save a lot of time). Overall, if you’re looking for a quicker more streamlined way of doing the horse girl gallery wall this is a great option.  

Various Size Eclectic Gallery Wall 

 For those of you looking for a unique look, look no further. While it may be a bigger time investment, putting together various sizes, finishes and shapes will ensure a space like no other. This option works well if you want to incorporate pieces you already own or vintage items. 

Picture Frame Finishes

Another way to add your own spin is to mix up the types of frames that you use. This is a great way to tie in other areas of your home. Maybe your dining room is black and white but you want to pull in some natural wood tones from the rest of your home -- mix up your black and white frames with an oak or walnut option and voila! 

Quick Tips

Think outside the box! (or the square frame in this case). 

Add in some circular, ornate, or hanging style frames to further diversify your space. Mirrors are also a great option to add some variety and function.  

 Add in keepsakes, memory boxes etc. We all know you have some fun ribbons, exhibitor numbers and other horse essentials just waiting for their time to shine. Place them in a shadowbox to make them stand out or to protect them in higher traffic areas of the house. We wouldn’t want your first blue to hit the floor!

Use larger frames

Only have smaller images? Go online or take them into you local craft/framing store and get them put into larger mat so they can fit into larger frames. This will enlarge the overall piece and add some drama as well. 

Can't seem to get art big enough? No problem, consider moving your gallery wall masterpiece to a smaller area of your home that need more love. Look for any nooks and corners that may need an equestrian touch. Bathrooms can work too! 

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