Our Digital Download Gallery Wall

Our Digital Download Gallery Wall

Equestrian Art

Surely you know by now where you can get some awesome, free, equestrian art. If not - check out our downloads page here! Download and print until your horse loving heart is content. 

The Frames

A good frame will always find a spot in your home. Maybe more than one! My two favorite places to get frame are represented in this gallery wall: Etsy and Target. Nothing too fancy here. 

I go to Etsy for vintage/unique frames and Target for clean and modern frames. 

You can find similar ones in the links below!

Add a Personal Touch

What is a horse-themed room without a ribbon or two? You can add your own special awards or I opted for a vintage one. You can find some prizes with patina on Etsy like this one here. 

And of course, the ultimate horse girl wall decor - the horse girl pennant from Calling All Horse Girls. Really let your horse girl flag fly high... no but really. 

Get Some Tools

Nothing too crazy here, a hammer and nails will do the trick. Or Command strips for my rental equestrians out there. 

This handy 'Hang & Level' tool is a great addition to your tool box if you have a lot of horse-art-hanging in your future. 

I know I do!

Find Your Format

I wish there was a special trick I could share with you all. But alas, trying a bunch of different configurations is the only way to find the one that works. 

I would highly recommend trying these layouts on the floor first. If it doesn't look good on the ground it won't look good on the wall.

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