Candles are back and in a very big way. 

Introducing: The first in the  ‘Victory Lap’ Candle Collection. This collection was inspired by timeless equestrian elements. Vintage Trophies inspired the initial idea for the candles to be made with custom metallic vessels. This first polished golden brass candle is also inspired by the brass accessories that fill our beloved tack rooms. 

A Labor of Love 

These brass vessels are made custom for Rosegrey featuring an iconic horse silhouette and classic typography to emulate a modern day version of a vintage trophy. 

This level of craftsmanship and customization comes at a cost.. Time! These beauties took nine months to get to our door and I could not be happier that they came in time for the holidays.

The Candle 

The soy wax in this candle offers a cleaner burn than other waxes. The three wicks create an even burn over the larger surface of this candle to maximize your use of this brass beauty. 

The Scents 

Golden Woods: This is our signature scent for the ‘GOLD’ candle vessel. We wanted to create a unisex, year-round scent that can fill your home during any season. The woods and musk is balanced nicely with bright notes of lemon and eucalyptus. 

Top: Cold Mountain Air, Lemon Peel, Eucalyptus

Middle: Green Apple, Juniper, Fir Balsam

Base: Cinnamon, Pine Wood, Musk

Lavender + Linen: A scent that we can all know and love. This south of France inspired scent is perfect to light after a long day. The bergamot and sandalwood notes add something very unique to this classic combination. 

Top: Bergamot, Clean Cotton

Middle: Peony, Lavender, Marine Accord, Petitgrain

Base: White Musk, Sandalwood